Why wait for months to build an on-site house when you can have a mobile home delivered to your desired location? RA1SE’s team offers a relocatable modular housing solution that is cost-effective, ready to move in and feels truly home
17 sq m
2 rooms

Price incl. Shipping, Full Kitchen, Full Bathroom, Floor Heating with Wi-Fi, Furniture, Stovetop, Cooking Hood:

€59 700

excl. VAT, Beds, White Goods

Why RA1SE?
Maintaining a balance between luxury and affordability, we provide you with spaces that are reasonable for the pocket and livable for a lifetime. RA1SE is a truly international company with headquarter in Cyprus, Europe.
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The price for the luxury version starts from 39.900 € turnkey excluding delivery, taxes and customs and including setup on site, furniture, kitchen and bathroom. Electric appliances, beds and mattresses are not included.The delivery is quoted separately according to distance. The typical cost for delivery is between 1.500 € and 4.500 € depending on the logistic company quotation at the time of shipment.
Buying Process
1 – Fill out the order form
2 – Sales team will contact you to confirm the details
3 – Delivery
4 – Setup and connection on site
Payment terms
10% upon sales agreement signature
40% upon production start
50% upon delivery
The height is limited by the transportation regulations in each country. For Europe -as an example- the towable RA1SE Mini on Wheels is limited to 2.55m width and 4.00m height. The RA1SE Midi is limited to 3.00 m width and 4.00 m height. The length is also up to 13.00m maximum in all RA1SE houses. The allowed weight of the towable Mini is 3500 kg due to the street regulations for towable vehicles. Upon delivery the Mini on Wheels is fulfilling the weight limitation.

As soon as you start equipping the house with further items the weight limitation is exceeded. If you intend to relocate and tow the house the additional items need to be removed again to comply with the law. All units without wheels have no weight problem and can be relocated on a truck. Just make sure to fix and tie the items and equipment inside as required by law before moving it.
Each country and municipality have different regulations regarding building codes and look and feel of the buildings.
In some regions the same application process is required as for classic brick and mortar buildings.
Other regions have special areas dedicated for modular and tiny homes where the application process is simple and requires no lengthy building permit. Please consult with your municipality before purchasing to make sure that the building will be allowed on your site. The houses on wheels are also subject to regulations for long term parking. We will help you with the application process once you contact us.
The houses are not designed to move them frequently. Consider them as a building but for relocating them from one permanent place to another is possible. Be aware that you need to remove all objects as originally delivered from the factory.
The traffic regulations only allow 3500 kg maximum weight for towable objects with private vehicles. The Mini OW is produced and shipped with 3500 kg and it is not allowed to tow it with any further equipment, personal items, additional furniture (other than the factory included) or luggage. People are strictly forbidden inside of the house during transit.
No. It is strictly forbidden to be inside when it is towed.
The RA1SE Mini on Wheels has telescope supports under the house which are extracted for fixing upon arrival at your destination. Please make sure that the surface is flat, dry and hard and protected from flood, earth movement or storms. The RA1SE Midi is fixed on concrete attached to the hard soil underneath. Prior to shipment the final site needs to be prepared for fixing as well as ready to be connected to water, electricity and sewage.

Please contact us for help and detailed info for your premises. We are happy to answer all your questions upfront in order to ensure an easy setup for you.
The isolation of the walls surpasses international requirements in order to protect the interior from cold, heat and weather extremes. The right climate inside your house is our highest priority as they are located worldwide in all kind of weather, be it icy cold to desert, heat or humidity. We have the right isolation response to any climate zone.

We deliver the house to the first destination with the climate zone of that region. Be aware that moving from one climate zone to another can affect the climate conditions inside of the house.
You can choose to have the minimally equipped version without furniture, electric appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine.

We would deduct the price by the equipment you decide to purchase on your own locally. We also do not offer the warranty for items that we did not deliver and/or install. Also be aware that any damages which might occur due to wrong installation also voids the warranty.

Once you place a firm order and submit the final location address we start the process on our end and make sure that the house arrives within 6 to 10 weeks depending on the distance. The delivery is quoted separately according to the distance and is typically between 1.500 € to 4.500 €. The transportation insurance is optional and costs approx 800 € depending on the insured value.

The building itself is isolated and must not be altered by drilling or attaching objects. If you decide to attach any objects please reach out to us before you start to change anything in order to keep the warranty. Also keep in mind that relocation with additional equipment is strictly forbidden by traffic regulations.
Yes, this is certainly possible. Please reach out to us should you need recommendations regarding the substructure and fixing of the photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. Please inform us if you want an energy independent house (off grid) in order to instruct you where the equipment (pv inverter and battery) needs to be attached to the building.