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17 sq m
2 rooms

Price incl. Shipping, Furniture, Floor Heating, Stovetop:

€49 700

excl. VAT, Beds, Air Conditioner, White Goods


30 sq m
3 rooms

Price incl. Shipping, Furniture, Floor Heating, Stovetop:

€59 400

excl. VAT, Beds, Air Conditioner, White Goods


17 sq m
2 rooms

Price incl. Shipping, Furniture, Floor Heating:

€47 600

excl. VAT, Air Conditioner, White Goods

Living Standard
Why wait for months to build an on-site house when you can have a mobile home delivered to your desired location?
If you feel the same way, our moving houses are the answer for you. Our highly acclaimed and affordable mobile homes can be ordered right away. RA1SE’s team offers a relocatable modular housing solution that is cost-effective, ready to move in, and feels truly home.
For Living
Our mobile homes are built upon German-engineered chassis with light and brake systems according to use on public roads.
Whether you want to rent out your mobile home or offer it on AirBnB we assure you that you and your guests will love to ra1se your living standard with your new ra1se domicile.
To Perform
Upgrade your living standards with ready-to-move-in mobile houses. RA1SE builds the best mobile homes to make your life easier by providing durable home solutions
We construct tiny houses that are specifically designed to perform well according to your needs and specifications.
Who we are
RA1SE is a truly international company with headquarter in Cyprus, Europe. RA1SE is the first worldwide offerer of luxury mobile houses with factories in Europe and Asia. Thanks to our dedicated distribution partners we are able to be always close to you, from your order until your dream house becomes reality at your location in any country in the world.
Our History
With a combined 55 years of history in construction, engineering, architecture and logistics, our team has the vast experience to produce and deliver complex and clever houses to your desired places anywhere in the world.
Our Mission
The living standards are going towards smaller but smarter solutions. We are separating the land from the building in oder to be truly free in every aspect of our lives. Be always where you want to be. Be free
Our Vision
Why should we accept complex processes and often very expensive prices in terms of real estate? Living freely is a fundamental requirement in our world where technology eases the path to stay connected no matter where we are.
Why RA1SE?
Maintaining a balance between luxury and affordability, we provide you with spaces that are reasonable for the pocket and livable for a lifetime. RA1SE is a truly international company with headquarter in Cyprus, Europe.
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Meet the team

Each one of us shares one common thing: Passion for living. Every RA1SE team member has the goal to bring you joy and freedom by delivering the most important missing piece of your lifestyle: The luxurious, affordable, flexible and unique living space that you were thinking of when you were closing your eyes and letting your thoughts and dreams do the rest.
Kubilay Tok

Chief Executive Officer

The companies overall growth and expansion is in the hands of Kubilay. RA1SE’s success is based on his over two decades long track record in
investments, business development and logistics. Prior to RA1SE he helped several companies to grow from startup to global reach. The reason why Kubilay loves his work is: The happiness of our clients and the success of the entire RA1SE family.
Timur Kara
Head of Production
The production in our factories is overseen by Timur. He is an airline engineer and a passionate photographer. The main focus of Timur lies in the
quality and perfection of the product where he is engaged with his full heart.
Hilmi Kirtik
Head of Engineering
Hilmi has performed the steel and static engineering of the famous Dardanelles Bridge in Turkey with over 3563 m length. It the longest hanging bridge in
the world. His engineering expertise and love for technical details are the secret sauce of the technical excellence, durability and quality of RA1SE houses.
Sezen Ergün
An architect, art historian, and traveler with a passion for compact and practical living spaces
Alex Borisson
UI Designer
UI designer and a digital nomad with the lifestyle which perfectly matches to RA1SE philosophy

Happy clients, happy us